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Companies of different sizes all around Sydney are utilising corporate massage to benefit their overall business. Corporate Massages are a key part to wellness and will transform the energy throughout the workplace. They are a great staff incentive, and deliver immense value at workplace events, trade shows and office parties.

Holistic Services Group has a proud reputation of delivering the most outstanding corporate massages to our clients all throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin and New Zealand.

Keep your team performing at their very best by offering corporate massage and reward them for their hard work and effort.  Massage benefits include


Increased productivity– massage boosts a person’s wellbeing, lowers stress and increases focus.

Reduced absenteeism– releasing tension and muscle knots in the neck and shoulders, may reduce the need to take sick leave for strain-related issues.

Reduced staff turnover– improves morale throughout the whole office and continues to maintain that positive energy created for ongoing massage programs.

Person to person contact– Massages help release the natural feel-good chemicals of the body, such as serotonin, endorphins and dopamine which make you feel happy and relaxed.

Corporate massages in Sydney are also popular for trade shows and corporate events. With Sydney being such an outdoor city, with great weather year-round, our clients often request massage therapists for outdoor events. Our experienced therapists will come to your office and can perform either seated massage


Office Massage Sydney Melbourne Brisbane | Seated Chair Massage in Office | Australia-wide


Benefits of Office Massage : Office Massage is becoming an integral component of many corporate health and wellness programs all over Australia. Since 2004, Holistic Services Group has been the number one provider of workplace seated massage services. Office massage is cost-effective, and research shows that it reduces stress.

Morale Booster : An office massage for staff is a wonderful treat, and a great way to raise morale and team bonding at work, and therefore improve performance throughout the team. For best results, we suggest ongoing programs, such as weekly or fortnightly visits by our qualified, experienced workplace massage therapists.


Rewards : Using office massage as an effective reward tactic for your team is very easy to implement. Motivate your employees by rewarding them when they complete a project, reach a goal or achieve a milestone.

Other benefits include minimising lost work time due to stress, chronic aches and pains. Workers’ compensation claims may also decrease as workplace massage is an essential part of a proactive strategy to maintain optimal staff health and wellbeing.

Convenience : Our friendly team of professional masseurs come to you, at your office, with everything that they require – including a special seated massage chair, and hygienic supplies.

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Corporate Massage Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane Adelaide | Seated Massage

corporate-massage-brisbane.jpgA corporate massage can take place at the employee’s desk to avoid interrupting the work day. Most corporate massage clients choose our seated massage service, however we can also provide sessions on a table.